On behind the reasons I created this website.

1. In my day-to-day work a lot of SEO and Lead Generation questions arise. The answers may be controversial and this really decrease productivity. It's necessary to separate the wheat from the chaff and do my job based on arguments tested by theory and experiments (my own and others'). Hence, I need to create a comprehensive list of the most important marketing/SEO questions and argument-based answers.

2. SEO requires a systematic approach - otherwise it simple does not work and you will go round in a circle. Sometimes it's necessary to start from the very beginning (basics). It may be very hard to determine what you should describe as "basics" related to the current moment. Hence, I need to create ultimate checklists to remind what to do at each stage of marketing/SEO activity.

3. When colleagues ask me SEO tips, it's difficult to explain in a nutshell. Unfortunately, I do not have enough time to repeat the same information. Hence, I need to create quick tutorials on SEO and related stuff  to be able to link to it in the future.

Finally, there are a lot of professional marketing related information I store on my computer. I need a more convenient access to it.