Digital Healthcare Marketing Blog: Medical SEO Section

We analyzed numerical data for the top 40 dentists in Jacksonville for the keywords cosmetic dentistry to see how they stack up for our industry-specific SEO case study.
This is kind of an advanced article in the SEO space, so I’m not going to make an attempt to address the little things. If you’re struggling with the details, try to just step back and consider it strategic, even though the strategy itself is data heavy.
Let’s face it, local SEO can be very cut throat. People are doing whatever they can to help ensure their business is listed atop the local pack above all of their competitors. How much do you know about your competitors, though? Do you know where all of their citations and reviews are coming from? What keywords they’re targeting and where they rank for those terms? Do you even know what their backlink profile looks like? M said it best in Skyfall: if you don’t know who your enemies are in your field and how you compare to them, then you are going into battle blind. Luckily, there are some great tactics out there that can help give you an inside look at your competitor’s local search strategy. Let’s see how you can spy on your competitor’s local strategy and become the 007 of Local SEO.