SEO Case Studies (DRAFT)

The goal: to create an article that contains all useful information from different SEO Case Studies.

Stages:SERP Analysis

  1. Using сontinuous sampling method, create the list of all URLs, extracting them from Google USA's Web SERPs for the keyword phrase "SEO Case Study" (exact match) (11.07.2017). Here are this list.
  2. Using limited sampling method, extract only those URLs from Google USA's Web SERPs for the keyword phrase "SEO Case Study" (exact match) (11.07.2017), which point to the quality seo case studies. Here are this list.

Case Study: Grew SEO Traffic from 8k-30k in 4 Months

Sarah Jones of Introverted Alpha—a dating coaching site for introverted men. For the first two years after launching her site in 2014, Sarah’s traffic grew steadily, mostly referred from organic searches and a couple of big guest posts and features on related sites. ​Then in 2016, her site traffic plateaued around 14,000 visitors a month. That traffic had stopped growing. She continued to guest post and appear on podcasts, adding new links back to her site. Each referral link took “blood, sweat, and tears” to obtain Sarah explained, taking hours to complete with little return. Sarah also hired a copywriter and, together, they added a new blog post weekly on But her numbers wouldn’t budge.

Сontinuous Sampling as a method of SERP Analysis

Here are the example of continuous sampling of Google USA's SERP for the keyword phrase "SEO Case Study" (exact match) (11.07.2017) - TOP 50 results. If you take a look at all these pages you will find out that current Google's result pages are lack of quality results. If I want to find ONE article with all best SEO Case Studies, I will not be able to do it with the Google or will spend a lot of time to do it. Hence, I can conclude that it can be a great topic for my new article. But I stiil need to understand how to find all best written SEO Case Studies.