SEO Competitor Analysis Tools

SEO Competitor Analysis is impossible to imagine without using special tools - the web- and desktop-based software applications. The goal of this blogpost is to list as much as possible reliable tools for competitive analysis.


Semrush is probably the #1 tool to conduct an SEO Competitive Analysis. Pros: it is paid.

Semrush's Organic Search Positions Report shows for which keywords your competitors' pages are ranking for in the Google USA and the positions these keywords are getting. Using this information, it's possible to enrich your existing blog post / article with valuable keywords or create new blog post / article. To review your competitor’s top performing keywords just enter your competitor’s URL and click "View Full Report" in the "Top Organic Keywords" Section.

Keyword Spy with Semrush
Figure. The report from Semrush shows positions the URL "" is getting in Google's top 100 organic search results and keywords it is ranking for. The full list can be downloaded here.